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If other weight loss methods haven’t lived up to your expectations, come experience guaranteed weight loss that lasts. the new well delivers what many others only promise; truly healthy, lasting weight loss and an overall greater sense of well-being. It works because our proprietary system is complete; addressing the 4 essential pillars of effective, lasting weight loss including whole food nutrition, one-on-one counseling, effective exercise, and soothing relaxation, put together in one dynamic program tailored to your weight loss and wellness goals.

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Success Stories

LeAnn F - When I began the new well program I was injecting 90 units of insulin a day (60 in the morning & 30 at night). Back then I could not even use the stepper, I had to stand behind it and just move my feet. I can now hop up & down on the stepper while working up quite a sweat and I feel GREAT!

Cynde C - My mind is sharp; I feel I know what I am talking about instead of having to research the answer. I have energy all the time. My sleep habits have improved.

Elizabeth M -As my daughter turned 18 and was heading off to college, I told myself that it was time to finish losing her baby weight.

Brenda A - Eventually, keeping up with the latest fad diet was no longer possible. Each loss and substantial gain brought frustration, great sadness and a feeling of hopelessness. the new well has guided me in a new, healthy and permanent lifestyle.

Jeanette S - I am doing things here that I have never been able to accomplish anywhere else. I am doing much more then losing weight.

Robin H - I am so excited that I was able to be a role model for my son, it means the world to me. I am so happy and feel better than anyone can imagine!

Delia K - I have lost 45 lbs (32 since Mother’s Day) and dropped 3 pant sizes. Now, instead of feeling depressed, irritated, and lethargic, I’m hopeful, happy, and energetic.

Janet H - I achieved my goal weight, feel so empowered and have the privilege of helping other ladies do the same!

Steve W - Since enrolling I have lost 50 pounds and have only 9 pounds to go to meet my goal. Both my cholesterol and triglycerides are in the normal range for the first time in years, my blood pressure medication has been cut in half. My Dr said that the program has statistically added 5 years to my life.

DeAnn Y - I have lost 20 pounds and have dropped two dress sizes. It is a wonderful feeling going into the closet and trying on something that I have not been able to wear for years and have it fit or sometimes its even loose!

Sarah H - I was not going to survive long weighing 385 pounds. the new well had made all the difference. Instead of worrying every day about my weight, I know I have all the tools I need to make great choices.

Amanda N - With the stress of having 2 active boys, a newborn and losing my grandmother, my weight hit a high of about 270! So far I am 60 lbs lighter and am teaching my family how to be healthier. I love the new well for so many reasons but the most important reason to me is I feel worth something again.

Jessica F - Since I joined the new well, I’ve kicked my Dr Pepper addiction. More importantly, I regained control of my life. After the initial adjustment to a new way of thinking and cooking, my stress level drastically reduced.

Elaine J - Greetings, oh happy day I am still below my goal weight 4 1/2 years later! I feel strong and healthy and at age 73 yrs. Thank you new well for keeping me on track and in good health.

Jeanette B - I was tired all the time and by 2:30 pm I could barely get through the work day. I was the heaviest I had ever been. the new well provided me with what I needed to reach my weight and most importantly my health goals.

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