Camp for Your Health

Healthy camping. Sound too good to be true? If you have been changing the way you eat, exercise and live, then visions of being trapped in the woods for a couple nights with potato chips, hot dogs and s’mores are probably the daunting visions that resonate in your mind whenever “going camping” is mentioned.

Have no fear! Camping for the weekend doesn’t have to mean that you have to throw away weeks of hard work. Actually, getting away from the stresses of day to day life can provide you with the relaxation you need to refresh your mind and body!

To keep your camping experience healthier, here are some simple tips:

Make a menu before you go. Try to at least concentrate on what you’ll be making for breakfast and dinner, the meals that the family will be most likely be eating together. Try to make the meals fun and involve everyone!

Stay active. Search for areas with plenty to do like hiking trails and games. If possible, bring your bikes!

Make sure you have plenty of fresh drinking water. If you’ll be staying at a site that doesn’t have full hookups, you may want to consider bringing your own water; and drink plenty of it! Staying hydrated is vital to your health especially if the weather is hot.

Don’t forget the sunscreen and bug repellent! Even the best of trips can quickly turn into nightmares with the pain of a sunburn or the attack of hungry mosquitoes!

With just a little planning, camping can be a time to reflect on nature, get back to the basics of life and rediscover the things that are really important.

Happy Camping!

Camping, Lomond Campground Gros Morne National Park Newfoundland and Labrador

Back to School Boot Camp 2016

  • Weekly nutrition and menu planning classes
  • Personalized eating plan
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Easy and effective exercise circuit
  • Soothing relaxation treatments
  • Weight loss supplement package
  • 10-day Detox system
  • Exercise classes and plans
  • Weekly educational classes
  • Before and after body composition analysis
  • No contract necessary

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Every class attendee will be entered to win 1/2 off!

Monday September 12 at 6pm & Wednesday September 14 at 9am
Limited Space. RSVP 541-471-2224!


“My Boot Camp experience has been a fun and exciting way to “broaden my horizons”. Stepping outside my box is not always easy for me. It was a positive and rewarding experience. It’s about fun, new exercises, new friends and much more.“
~ Kathi W.

Boot Camp 2016 2

“I would recommend it to anyone regardless of their fitness level or whatever they want to lose weight or not. I didn’t think Boot Camp would be for me since I didn’t have much more weight to lose. Boy was I wrong! I am now 10 lbs lighter and more fit than I have been in a long time. I feel fantastic and the Detox Program was great too.“
~ Jeanette B.


“After talking to my friend and years of frustration of gaining weight, I decided that this is something I need and want to do for myself. I have back problems and with the extra weight was getting worse, along with battling Sciatic pain, new pain and lacking energy. I was not doing what I loved. Joining the new well’s Boot Camp was the best decision I have made. I have met 40% of my goal and learned so much that will be a lifestyle change and I feel great!”
~ Michelle Z.


“Boot Camp has been motivating and provided me with the accountability I need. Boot Camp included all the aspects of getting healthy, self-talk, meal planning, fitness, relaxation and making connections with others. On top of that having a Boot Camp counselor available at all times for questions and motivation has made this a great experience for me.”
~ Kristi T.


“I joined Boot Camp to a get a jump on my weight loss / feel better journey. I’ve met many, many, new people and different things to do, that I never thought I’d do. I’ve done Pickleball, yoga, started walking almost daily, circuit workout, the Detox and Synergie. I’ve found my bloat feeling gone and feel better overall. I still have a long way to go, but I’m on my way.”
~ Wilma H.