Date Night!

When was YOUR last Date Night?nocjuew1dhka5enj6xzh

If you have to think about it, then its been too long! Time to do something about that. Date Night’s can come in many different forms and according to Melanie Schilling, a psychologist and relationship expert, “Date nights are so important. In fact they are critical.” Schilling continues, “Relationships are work. That’s a fact and while so many of us are happy to work on our fitness goals or career goals or family goals, when it comes to our intimate relationships, we tend to neglect them.”

They can look like what ever we want or need them to look like. According to one study one of the biggest reasons why couples don’t have more Date Night’s  is they think it has to be fancy affair, you know the type… Candle light dinner, 3 course meal, violinist playing in background as rose pedals dropping float from the sky…. Guess what, they don’t have to look like that (unless you want it to and then its ok).  The secret to successful  Date Night is creating a special place for you and your partner. Pretty simple right! Executing it is a whole nother story. Here are some helpful tips and  Date Night ideas!

  • Make a plan and treat it like all other appointment’s!
  • Be practical.
  • Take turns on who plans what and go with it.
  • Enjoy the moment, it’s not about what your doing or where you’re doing it. It’s about who your doing it with.
  • Pair something with a movie, like dinner or a walk, that way you can enjoy each other more then just their presence.

Date Night Idea’s

  • In-home Date Night. This is a super easy concept. You don’t even need a babysitter. Pick a time where you can spend some imtimate time with each other, with no screen time. Enjoy a nice dinner together and sit on the porch, share a blanket, your favorite beverage and chat or enjoy a nice cup of coffee sitting on the love seat and each other.
  • Goodwill Hunting. With the fun concept you both set an amount of money to spend, like say $20.00, and you buy your partner’s outfit. Here’s the kicker, it’s your choice so have FUN! Then both of you dress up in the outfit your partner picked for you and go out to enjoy a night on the town. Dinner, movies or a walk in the park. Have a little extra fun and come up with a character.
  • The Classic. Call and make a dinner reservation, buy the movie / show tickets a head of time. Take one vehicle and enjoy the night. Want to spice it up?!? Set a time to pick up your partner, either pick them up at your home or have them meet you somewhere (like parents house or work) and pick them up. Have a gift, wear cologne, make a playlist, open the doors, order for them etc… you got the idea.
  • The Roleplay. Come up with two names and a location to meet at. The object is for partner to meet up with partner B at said location. You must approach them, flirt with them, attempt to woo them. Act like its the first time your meeting, like a blind date and have FUN!!! You will know if your successful if partner A ends up taking partner B home.

Wellness-You can’t pour from an empty cup

I am too busy to have time for me
If I lose weight, I may draw attention to myself
Self care is for other people
I can’t relax, I am too stressed

When did wellness become a punishment? Why do we struggle to see the value in standing up and saying, “I CHOOSE ME”?

Read that sentence again.

Choosing wellness is not only a healthy boundary that benefits you, it benefits everyone around you

Picture this, –
You make it a point to take a 15 min break in the morning and afternoon to go for a walk outside.

You meal planned and have all your lunches made and now have time for a walk at lunch too.

You pencil time in your busy weekend to give your sister/therapist a call over the weekend.

You window shop at the local Saturday market and ultimately buy a random plant that reminded you of your grandmother.

You walk around the library because it is free, and books are awesome.

Your “after school activity” is meeting up with a friend or two and talk while you get your sweat on.


Now that your own “cup” is filled, how are you better adapting to being there for your loved ones? What does that do for your quality of life? How does that open the door for effective communication in communicating your needs rather than waiting for the tipping point of exploding?


You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm. You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people.