Date Night!

When was YOUR last Date Night?nocjuew1dhka5enj6xzh

If you have to think about it, then its been too long! Time to do something about that. Date Night’s can come in many different forms and according to Melanie Schilling, a psychologist and relationship expert, “Date nights are so important. In fact they are critical.” Schilling continues, “Relationships are work. That’s a fact and while so many of us are happy to work on our fitness goals or career goals or family goals, when it comes to our intimate relationships, we tend to neglect them.”

They can look like what ever we want or need them to look like. According to one study one of the biggest reasons why couples don’t have more Date Night’s  is they think it has to be fancy affair, you know the type… Candle light dinner, 3 course meal, violinist playing in background as rose pedals dropping float from the sky…. Guess what, they don’t have to look like that (unless you want it to and then its ok).  The secret to successful  Date Night is creating a special place for you and your partner. Pretty simple right! Executing it is a whole nother story. Here are some helpful tips and  Date Night ideas!

  • Make a plan and treat it like all other appointment’s!
  • Be practical.
  • Take turns on who plans what and go with it.
  • Enjoy the moment, it’s not about what your doing or where you’re doing it. It’s about who your doing it with.
  • Pair something with a movie, like dinner or a walk, that way you can enjoy each other more then just their presence.

Date Night Idea’s

  • In-home Date Night. This is a super easy concept. You don’t even need a babysitter. Pick a time where you can spend some imtimate time with each other, with no screen time. Enjoy a nice dinner together and sit on the porch, share a blanket, your favorite beverage and chat or enjoy a nice cup of coffee sitting on the love seat and each other.
  • Goodwill Hunting. With the fun concept you both set an amount of money to spend, like say $20.00, and you buy your partner’s outfit. Here’s the kicker, it’s your choice so have FUN! Then both of you dress up in the outfit your partner picked for you and go out to enjoy a night on the town. Dinner, movies or a walk in the park. Have a little extra fun and come up with a character.
  • The Classic. Call and make a dinner reservation, buy the movie / show tickets a head of time. Take one vehicle and enjoy the night. Want to spice it up?!? Set a time to pick up your partner, either pick them up at your home or have them meet you somewhere (like parents house or work) and pick them up. Have a gift, wear cologne, make a playlist, open the doors, order for them etc… you got the idea.
  • The Roleplay. Come up with two names and a location to meet at. The object is for partner to meet up with partner B at said location. You must approach them, flirt with them, attempt to woo them. Act like its the first time your meeting, like a blind date and have FUN!!! You will know if your successful if partner A ends up taking partner B home.

Wellness-You can’t pour from an empty cup

I am too busy to have time for me
If I lose weight, I may draw attention to myself
Self care is for other people
I can’t relax, I am too stressed

When did wellness become a punishment? Why do we struggle to see the value in standing up and saying, “I CHOOSE ME”?

Read that sentence again.

Choosing wellness is not only a healthy boundary that benefits you, it benefits everyone around you

Picture this, –
You make it a point to take a 15 min break in the morning and afternoon to go for a walk outside.

You meal planned and have all your lunches made and now have time for a walk at lunch too.

You pencil time in your busy weekend to give your sister/therapist a call over the weekend.

You window shop at the local Saturday market and ultimately buy a random plant that reminded you of your grandmother.

You walk around the library because it is free, and books are awesome.

Your “after school activity” is meeting up with a friend or two and talk while you get your sweat on.


Now that your own “cup” is filled, how are you better adapting to being there for your loved ones? What does that do for your quality of life? How does that open the door for effective communication in communicating your needs rather than waiting for the tipping point of exploding?


You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm. You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people.


Dining Out Made Simple

Who likes to go out and enjoy a meal at a restaurant?


Who has health, and fitness goals?


Many events in our lives revolve around food. From family reunions, to weddings, and birthdays; food seems to be the central focus of gatherings between friends and loved ones.

Have no fear! Going out to a restaurant does not have to spell disaster for your weight loss goals. The following list is some tips and tricks you can use to enjoy a meal out on the town, and stay in line with your goals. Enjoy!

  • Know where you’ll go – Research the restaurant you are going to, or choose where you’ll go by researching local eateries. Local and organic locations tend to have the best food choices for all!
  • Check the menu – Know what you are going to order before you arrive, this way you won’t have to open the menu and be tempted by everything inside
  • Have a small snack and glass of water before you leave the house – this allows you to order with your goals in mind, rather than order with your growling tummy
  • Leave the chips and bread off of the table, or move them to a spot that you can’t reach them
  • Split your order – asking for a to go box with your meal, and sectioning out a serving size for now and boxing the rest up for later is a sure way not to over eat
  • Ask for a side of steamed veggies or salad with your meal instead of a dinner roll, baked potato, or other starchy foods

What techniques do you use to stay on top of your wellness game when you go out to eat? Comment below to share the health!

Make it a Family Safe Halloween

HalloweenWith Autumn upon us one of our favorite past times is almost here, Halloween! Let’s make this one not only a safe one, make it a family fun one too! To help ensure a successful Halloween night, please take some of these 10 helpful tips into consideration.

Go out as a family! Walk and enjoy the evening with the family. It’s the perfect season to be out together on a night on the town.

  • Glow sticks or something reflective on the backs of costumes (Specially the littles’) to help make them visible to all the passer by’s.
  • Put away your devices, keep your heads up and walk.
  • Set the example to your kids to make eye contact with drivers before crossing the road.
  • Look for groups, businesses or other organizations that put together a safe trick or treat area’s.
  • Monitor candy intake, the littles’ and yourself 😛
  • Hydrate, bring water bottles. Some of those costumes can heat up fast.
  • Eat some healthy snacks prior to going out.
  • Always double check the candy!
  • Be respectful lights out, means no thank you.
    Bonus Tip : Do not enter strangers houses, ever…..

Meet Your Consultants: Nichole

Image may contain: Nichole Peterman, smiling, sky and outdoor

Greetings every one! It’s time to meet another one of your consultants at the new well!

Today you will be meeting me; Nichole! Here are some bullet points about me:

  • I am a 34 year-old native of Grants Pass, Oregon
  • I am married, and have been for 11 years, to the world’s best husband; Sean
  • I have 2 gorgeous children; Andrew (9 years old), and Lesley (4 years old)
  • I have been a musician for 24 years
  • I love Disneyland
  • I love to run
  • Laughter is my best medicine

Now a little wellness history! I became involved with the new well as a client in the spring of 2015. I weighed approximately 300 lbs, and was not living a healthy lifestyle. By the winter of 2015 I had lost about 50 pounds, and decided that I wanted to join the team at the new well as a Certified Wellness Consultant. After my first anniversary of getting hired on at the new well, I was promoted to Wellness Center Manager. Having the opportunity to help people shift their lives in a healthy direction is the most fulfilling “job” I have ever had. I put job in quotes because coming to work doesn’t feel like work. It is a privilege to walk in the doors of the new well every day and spend time supporting people in finding their personal wellness. My personal wellness has had it’s ups and downs, as it sometimes will, and the support I receive from my team and the clients that surround me is paramount to me picking up and continuing toward my goals!

Meet Your Consultants: David

73242164_480873475841201_1547382377792143360_nGreetings! My name is David Holtman and being a Certified Wellness Consultant at the new well is one of the many hats I wear. I have been happily married for over 22 years and have 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 1 bunny. I was raised in Fort Worth, Texas and moved here to Grants Pass with my family in ’95, where I met the love of my life Janet. Over the years, Club Northwest has become part of our family.
I am no stranger to the new well. My wellness journey started here in 2014 after I was handed a prescription for high blood pressure medication and weighted in over 330 lb’s. I remember thinking I was too young for this and that I did this to myself. I was finally ready to be responsible for my wellness. Instead of filling that prescription I listened to Janet, whom at the time was managing the new well, and joined them as a client. I lost over 80 lb’s! I loved it so much that I ended up joining the team.
I left early of last year to pursue a newly found career. I loved what I did and at the same time, I wasn’t doing what I loved. I missed it here, there was always a part of my heart that wasn’t being fulfilled. I ended up talking to one my co-workers about the new well and when they joined, I was so happy! I would do mini well visits with her and that’s when I realized that part of my heart started to fill. I called Nichole, the manager of the new well, and I am happy to say, it’s good to be back!
A big part of my journey is helping others along their own journey. Working side by side our clients as well as my fellow Consultants. I understand the many depths of weight loss, because I too share that road with you on the road to wellness. I look forward to seeing you soon and before I go I would like to leave you with one of my favorite quotes.
“Service to others is the rent we pay for our time on our home called Earth.” ~Muhammad Ali

Why In-Body?


You may be wondering, “why is it important to have regular body compositions?” Lets take a moment and go over three reasons why. The first, is to identify and measure increased risk for serious disease related to being overweight or obese.  At the new well we use the InBody570 body composition machine. The InBody gives a break down of your hydration level,skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass,percent body fat, segmental lean analysis, intracellular/extracellular water and dry lean mass.

Second, to determine your body composition measurements. Here at the new well, monthly body comps and measurements are included in your individualized program. They will be completed by your Certified Wellness Consultant. That way we can monitor your progress and success.

Third, to better assess your overall health. Weight alone can be deceiving, as someone can be slim and actually be at high risk because of other factors. By monitoring several different variables, you will be able to get a better assessment of your overall health.

Schedule your complimentary tour and body comp today! Your tomorrow will thank you for the healthy step you are taking today!

How do you relieve stress?

Stress freeGreetings from the new well! It is a beautiful fall day here at the new well and the topics of conversation among our clients today seem to be centering around high stress levels.
As the holidays approach rapidly, ’tis the season for increasing stress. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some techniques to cope with stress and enjoy the holidays to their fullest extent? YES! Below are some basic ways to de-stress daily, and in the moment. We encourage you to try some of them and see which techniques work the  best for you! What have you got to lose? Your stress and excess weight!

FUN FACT: Stress levels increase the likelihood that your body will hold on to belly fat. Yes you heard me right! Lowering your stress levels can aid in and INCREASED LOSS of belly fat, therefore aiding in weight loss.

How to de-stress:

  • Daily meditation
  • Concentrated breathing exercises
  • Take 15 minutes just for you to relax daily
  • Practice regular exercise and proper nutrition
  • Find an activity that helps you connect with your inner child and LAUGH
  • Call a friend or hug a loved one
  • Journal daily

There are many ways that you can lower your stress levels. What do you do for you each day?

Happy Relaxing!

the new well team


Why Organic Wellbars?

the new well bars

Here at the new well we are making big changes! One of those changes is that we are moving into a time where we carry only organic Wellbar protein bars.

Here are some key reasons why:

  • Supporting local business is important to us!
    • Green’s Gourmet Goodies is a business located right here in the Rogue Valley. From start to finish, owner/operator Cheryl is our go to gal!
  • Wellbars are of high quality all natural ingredients!
    • All organic and all natural
    • GMO free
    • Dairy free
    • Gluten free
    • Preservative free
    • No added sugar!
  • We love you!
    • At the new well we love our clients, guests, and every member of our community. Offering you a top quality, whole food snack option that your whole family can enjoy is something we take pride in!

Haven’t tried a Wellbar yet? Don’t miss out any longer, come down to the new well and Club Northwest today to grab a snack and enjoy today!