Dining Out Made Simple

Who likes to go out and enjoy a meal at a restaurant?


Who has health, and fitness goals?


Many events in our lives revolve around food. From family reunions, to weddings, and birthdays; food seems to be the central focus of gatherings between friends and loved ones.

Have no fear! Going out to a restaurant does not have to spell disaster for your weight loss goals. The following list is some tips and tricks you can use to enjoy a meal out on the town, and stay in line with your goals. Enjoy!

  • Know where you’ll go – Research the restaurant you are going to, or choose where you’ll go by researching local eateries. Local and organic locations tend to have the best food choices for all!
  • Check the menu – Know what you are going to order before you arrive, this way you won’t have to open the menu and be tempted by everything inside
  • Have a small snack and glass of water before you leave the house – this allows you to order with your goals in mind, rather than order with your growling tummy
  • Leave the chips and bread off of the table, or move them to a spot that you can’t reach them
  • Split your order – asking for a to go box with your meal, and sectioning out a serving size for now and boxing the rest up for later is a sure way not to over eat
  • Ask for a side of steamed veggies or salad with your meal instead of a dinner roll, baked potato, or other starchy foods

What techniques do you use to stay on top of your wellness game when you go out to eat? Comment below to share the health!