Football Season Boot Camp

For many college and NFL football fans across the US, end of summer/early fall signals the beginning of a decrease in productivity. Monday and Thursday nights, and all day Sunday are reserved for NFL games, while Saturday is when college games will be watched. In contrast, what will most likely increase, are the inches on everyone’s waist as they pound back the brews and wolf down the cheeseburgers and Buffalo wings while they cheer on their favorite teams. In order to save you from yourself this football season, here are a few ways to stay health conscious while still enjoying the game you grew up with:

  1. It may seem to go without saying but serve up the fruits and veggies!  Make big plates with beautiful colorful fresh cut produce, it’s always one of the first things to go at a party!  Make a low-fat high flavor dip such as yogurt, ranch or hummus to offer as well.*
  2. Serve up a big pot of high fiber chili*.  You can offer toppings such as black olives, light sour cream (or low fat plain Greek yogurt), light cheddar cheese and onions.
  3. Stay active, it’s fun to get into the game by playing a game of your own!  Make up a physical activity you all do when your team (or the opposing team) scores such as pushups, jumping jacks or burpees!
  4. Don’t serve the food in the same room as you are watching the game in, you may get caught up in mindless snacking.
  5. Hold a glass of water or other calorie friendly drink in your dominant hand whenever possible.

Have fun, and remember, just because football season starts doesn’t mean your healthy eating has to end!!

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