Are you a Localvore?  A Localvore is defined as a person who is dedicated to eating food grown and produced locally.  Wondering why it matters that your food is from a local grower and producer? By choosing to purchase locally, your food is instrumental in:

  • Using fewer resources- from packaging to the transportation impact on the environment, local foods cut down on the need for farmers to produce and package food that must withstand any length of travel and preservation to survive transit
  • You’re supporting the local economy and keeping money in our community
  • Food doesn’t have to travel so far, so it is healthier.  Harvested at the peak of the season, rather than left to ripen in transit (or through alternative means), your food is fresh and native to our area.

A great place to start looking local for your foods is online markets, grower’s markets, co-ops, natural foods markets and even through social media.

Eat local, support local!

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