Make it a Family Safe Halloween

HalloweenWith Autumn upon us one of our favorite past times is almost here, Halloween! Let’s make this one not only a safe one, make it a family fun one too! To help ensure a successful Halloween night, please take some of these 10 helpful tips into consideration.

Go out as a family! Walk and enjoy the evening with the family. It’s the perfect season to be out together on a night on the town.

  • Glow sticks or something reflective on the backs of costumes (Specially the littles’) to help make them visible to all the passer by’s.
  • Put away your devices, keep your heads up and walk.
  • Set the example to your kids to make eye contact with drivers before crossing the road.
  • Look for groups, businesses or other organizations that put together a safe trick or treat area’s.
  • Monitor candy intake, the littles’ and yourself 😛
  • Hydrate, bring water bottles. Some of those costumes can heat up fast.
  • Eat some healthy snacks prior to going out.
  • Always double check the candy!
  • Be respectful lights out, means no thank you.
    Bonus Tip : Do not enter strangers houses, ever…..

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