making time for healthy habits

With summertime in full swing and BBQ’s, outings, holidays and gardens demanding our attention, it’s easy to put healthy habits- such as well balanced meals and exercise- on the back burner.  Letting this happen would be a shame after how hard you’ve worked to get where you are today!  Here are some tips to help you make time to take care of your health.

Plan ahead.  Planning your meals for the week (or even just for tomorrow) is a great way to stay healthy.  Start setting aside some time on Sunday (or any day that works for you) to prepare your meals.  If planning for the entire week just doesn’t work for you, then simply set aside a couple minutes every evening and plan for the next day, or the next couple of days.

Schedule in your workouts.  You schedule doctors appointments, dates with friends and meetings, so schedule your exercise on your calendar and make it a priority!

Get plenty of sleep.  Sleep deprivation can contribute to problems like high blood pressure, weight gain and diabetes.  Aim for at least six to eight hours of sleep each night.  This can get tough when the daylight hours are so long, so make sure you’re paying attention from day to day.

Don’t forget that you are a role model.  When your family and friends see you making your health a priority, they will take notice.  By taking care of yourself you can positively impact others around you and even contribute to them becoming healthier!

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