what is well rounded wellness?

Most of us know that working out 2-3 times a week is ideal, but what does it mean to have a well-rounded wellness routine?  A wellness routine goes beyond just working out.  You are present in every aspect of your life, and your health should be a focus in each area, too.  A wellness lifestyle is a sustainable lifestyle of wellness. Going to the gym and working out only to go out and gorge yourself later on un-necessary calories doesn’t result in a sustainable lifestyle.  Jumping from one diet to the next doesn’t either.  Your body doesn’t want a yo-yo diet, in fact, it doesn’t want a diet at all.  Getting past the diet mentality is a huge feat.  While weight loss can be a part of your wellness lifestyle, wellness does not equal weight loss.  Understanding that wellness extends into every part of your life moves you in the direction of a well-rounded wellness lifestyle.

In getting past the dieting mentality, most Americans find that sustainable results come from working with a consultant or wellness coach. “The National Weight Control Registry found that of the people who lose weight and keep it off long term, 50% are using structured programs for weight loss,” explains Julie Kokinakes-Anderson, Director of Nutrition for the new well,  “The accountability factor afforded by a wellness consultant goes a long way in establishing and sustaining healthy wellness habits.    Clients come in looking for weight loss, and in the end, find wellness.”

Long term weight loss is really achieved when people achieve wellness.  Finding a healthy lifestyle and maintaining it goes beyond a healthy weight level-it reaches into every realm of your life.  While accountability is one aspect of a healthy wellness routine, it is only one part of the puzzle.  Your wellness routine should involve your entire body.  Not just your core muscles, but your mind.  Not just your abs, but your diet.  As such, there are four elements that need to be included in your wellness lifestyle before it will be sustainable:  Healthy eating, exercise, accountability and relaxation.

The need for accountability is easy to understand in a well-rounded wellness routine.  But relaxation?  “Relaxation affords the mind a chance to rest and recharge, creating a time when your body recovers and revitalizes itself and allows you to continue living your life in a healthy manner,” explains Center Manager for the Grants Pass the new well, Danielle Wirkkala.  “It is easy to think that you will find the time to relax at home, but the reality is that this generally isn’t the case.  Family, work and home life create distractions from time for relaxation.  Finding a wellness routine that includes relaxation time is vital.  At the new well we have a tranquility room that our clients use every time they visit the center.  In combination with the other pillars of our program, relaxation helps our clients to obtain guaranteed weight loss and develop a healthy wellness routine.”

As you begin developing a well-rounded wellness lifestyle, try thinking of the changes you’re making as permanent, rather than a diet or short-term fix.  You aren’t just getting healthy to lose the weight for now.  You aren’t just looking to get in shape for a reunion.  You are looking to extend your life.  And you’re looking to feel better inside and out-all the time!  When wellness is a lifestyle, it becomes a well-rounded routine.

Interested in finding out about a well-rounded wellness lifestyle?  Go to www.thenewwell.com or contact the new well at 888.471.9355.  The 4 pillars of wellness are offered in one location at the new well, affording women the opportunity to create sustainable, guaranteed weight loss every day.  Each client of the new well continuously receives personalized one-on-one consulting with a Certified Wellness Consultant, healthy eating consulting tailored to your specific needs using whole foods for a sustainable lifestyle (rather than pre-packaged meals), use of our 26 minute exercise circuit in a friendly, non-intimidating environment, and tranquility therapy.

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