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the challenge for employers

The reality is simple. Total national health care expenditures in the United States have reached over $2 trillion per year, or more than $7,000 per person. If current trends continue, health care spending is expected to reach over $4 trillion by 2017, or over $13,000 per person.

“Although studies with the strongest research design and greatest number of participants have typically focused on large companies like Johnson and Johnson, Citibank and Proctor and Gamble, there is evidence that small businesses can achieve comparable results with as few as five employees actively engaged in a well-managed wellness program.”

Not only do our nation’s businesses pay for much of the direct costs of this national crisis through higher health care costs, but employers also pay for the state of their employee’s less–than-robust health in other ways. These can include higher rates of absenteeism, greater disability and worker’s compensation claims, and general loss of lost productivity. All of these issues directly affect the bottom line of companies large and small.

the answer

The answer is for employers to get involved with the health and wellness of their employees. Across our country companies both large and small are doing just that. In fact, a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management showed that 31% of companies polled offer some type of weight loss program. In separate studies, researchers have found that returns on investment range from $1.49 to $13 for every dollar invested in employee wellness.

State-by-State Estimates
The following graphic is a state-by-state representation of the potential return on investment within five years of investing $10 per person per year in strategic disease prevention programs. Estimates are based on potential reduction in health spending by state.

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