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amanda k

Amanda K.

My the new well journey began only three weeks ago. After I visited my doctor and was told that I needed to lose some weight before I could consider becoming pregnant (for serious health reasons). I decided to finally take a step toward a healthy me and to check out this program she (my doctor) had referred me to. Since the start of the program I have lost a total of nine pounds. I lead a very busy life with work, school, and other commitments ā€“ so finding the time to exercise and eat healthy is difficult. My life since joining the new well has been positively impacted in several ways. I not only feel fantastic with the types of healthy foods Iā€™m eating, but I am also finding that my clothes are already fitting looser (nothing can be more motivating than that)! I am on a journey not only for weight loss and better health, but also to find better ways to cook so that I can carry good health with me for life and someday pass it on to my children! In the process, I am learning to manage my time while I am home so I can have all my meals prepared ahead, giving me all the more time to spend with my husband. I am able to get out and walk my dogs ā€“ which I enjoy so much! I have more energy throughout the day and I look forward to showing up for my workouts and visiting with the lovely ladies that work at the new well. With their enthusiasm and advice, along with my motivation and determination, I will achieve my goal weight and become the healthiest I have ever been ā€“ so I can become a mom!


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