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Amanda N.

Amanda N.

So my story begins when I was just 5 years old. My parents divorced and my Mom raised me and my 4 older siblings. Being very close to my Mom I followed her patterns. When she ate I ate, when she dieted I dieted and when I had nothing better to do I ate some more. I was a very active child but learned about stress eating quickly. I remember being teased about my weight when I was just 7 years old.

It wasn’t until about 8th grade when I finally started to slim down but not eating will do that! I lived on Skittles and diet Coke. This is when I turned to diet pills. Through high school I was never skinny but I was thinner and used diet pills and not eating much as a way to keep my weight down. After high school I got a job at an elementary school, even though I didn’t have a car and walked all over L.A. I started to slowly gain weight with the unhealthy eating habits of all of the school staff and events around my job.

I moved to southern Oregon in 2003 and got married and pregnant with my 1st of 3 boys and gained 30lbs and with each pregnancy I gained a little more weight. I lost weight, I dieted in between, and tried every gimmick out there. After the pregnancy of my 3rd son the weight was almost impossible to take off. With the stress of having 2 active boys, a newborn and losing my grandmother, whom I was very close to, my weight hit a high of about 270! I was able to lose a few pounds here and there on my own, again trying every “miracle pill” and promise offered. I joined a local gym and was working my butt off in a tough circuit training class, building lots of muscle but still not losing much on the scale.

August 2012 I was face painting at the Just For Women event in Medford and after talking to every weight loss booth there and considering every one of them, I entered into a drawing for the new well. A few days later I got a call saying I had won $100 off of my program so I went in for an appointment. Despite the fact that we were broke and down to the last $100 in our bank account my husband said “Do this! You deserve it!” So I did! It wasn’t easy but it was working for me…FINALLY! 4 months later I became a Wellness Consultant at the new well, and it feels amazing that I can help other women just like me with the same struggles I have been through and still, to this day, struggle with.

So far I am 60lbs lighter and am teaching my family how to be healthier. I love the new well for so many reasons but the most important reason to me is I feel worth something again.


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