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Amber W

Amber W.

My story all started when I went to go see my doctor for my 1 year fallow up in May of 2016. She had reviewed my lab results and at the age of 27 I was overweight and borderline diabetic. I told myself that I was too young for this. In June my aunt offered me a free pass to the new well for 1 month. On June 3rd of 2016 I signed up for my 1 month. I went a total of 2 weeks out of 4. The new well heath coaches would call and check up on me. I finally told myself I needed to give it my best effort. I had all these excuses not to go. I lived 25 min, I worked long hours at work, or I was too tired. I started working out and following the eating plan, I never felt deprived of food. I have tried multiple lose weight fast schemes, and let’s be honest here there is no fast, healthy way to lose weight besides diet and exercise. I November 2016 I had another 6 month follow up with labs. My doctor was astonished at the results. She asked what I was doing, and I explained about the new well.


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