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Barb H.

Barb H.

After 21 months on the new well Plan I finally met my goal of losing 100 pounds! Was it difficult? Yes, at first it was very difficult. I remember one night crying myself to sleep hungry, thinking I was never going to be able to lose weight and would be fat the rest of my life. But something strange happened a long the way. Vegetables started tasting glorious to me. Salt did not seem as necessary. Water was an elixir. And I crave fish now as my favorite meal.

What happened? The new well. My nurse practitioner recommended the program to me. She was on it herself and had already lost 80% of her goal. I poo pooed her off for 2 years while doctor after doctor kept telling me I needed to lose weight. First the cardiologist while checking out my A Fib. Then the neurosurgeon investigating my back pain. It wasn’t until my 2nd year of counseling that I visited the new well. Let’s just say there were and are issues in my life that were bringing me down.

I made a commitment to the new well Plan not only because it was costing me money but my weight was killing me physically and mentally. I made the weight loss a priority in my life and committed to the 3 days of exercise and consultation at the new well site.

I found the circuit to be something I could do without back pain. It was a series of stations using weight machines, steps , and jogging boards. It is designed to build the core. I also enjoyed the massage chair once a week to alleviate stress. Stress is a factor in weight gain. My life was stressful!

As I religiously came into exercise I made some incredible friends. We would gab and talk on the circuit, sharing what was working for us, food that was on plan we could make, and where to shop for it. The counselors became dear and close friends encouraging me and helping me throughout those plateaus!

I refuse to call it a diet plan but rather a health plan. The new well uses grocery store foods: Lean proteins like fish, chicken breasts and occasional beef and pork, fresh fruits and vegetables, very little sodium, lots of water, and their very own protein bars made with the new well in mind.

If you make the commitment to follow plan you WILL lose the weight. The counselors are not food Nazis but loving, caring and encouraging individuals that will help you succeed! Yes, the plan costs money but is it worth it to take a year and a half of your life to gain 10 to 20 years more of your life? For me, YES! I am styling and enjoying being healthy for the first time in 25 years! I look great in clothes! Between exercise and yoga I am flexible, have curves, and have stamina! Now when I go into the doctor’s office it is not all doom and gloom.

I really feel that I have achieved a lifestyle change that I will be able to maintain. I can’t eat processed food anymore. It bloats me and gives me great discomfort. I crave vegetables and fruits. I read food labels diligently to check for sodium and sugar levels. I know what happens when I eat processed foods. If I should decide to indulge in a craving it is a bite that satisfies and not a binge.

I also know that I can maintain the yoga and exercise circuit because they don’t hurt. Yes, I still have back issues but it would be so much worse if I weighed 256.5 pounds instead of 156.5 pounds.

I continue to see my counselor because I want my mind as healthy as my body. As I age I realize the importance of being healthy!

Thank you Anne, Gretchen, Mollee, Holly, Lucy, and Jacinda for all your love and encouragement!

You are empowering women!


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