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It’s been over two years since I began my journey with the new well. I joined because I was overweight, out of shape, out of breath and energy. I didn’t eat right, veggies “yuck” and I really didn’t drink much water either. Joining the new well was the best thing I could have ever done for me! It wasn’t easy at first. How do you make broccoli taste good? How do I drink that much water? Chocolate isn’t a food group? Well thanks to all the wonderful staff and my determination, I learned how to make veggies yummy, I now crave water if I don’t drink enough, I miss exercising if I don’t go to the new well’s exercise circuit, and I reached my goal! I’ve learned a lot about myself and have gained a lot of self-confidence. I hiked the Table Rocks – something I never thought I’d do! Now, I’ve begun a new phase – learning how to keep the weight off. I gained 12lbs. back, much to my dismay. I’ve been beating myself up over this and felt so ashamed – a failure I called myself. But with the unwavering support of the girls at the new well, I’m learning that I’m not a failure, but am human. I am and probably will always be my harshest critic, but I am learning now to be nicer to me, “because I’m worth it! This will be an ongoing journey with lots of ups and downs, rough and smooth roads. I will travel it with a smile on my face, a song in my heart, and maybe a Hershey Kiss in my pocket! Gotta have a little chocolate sometimes.


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