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Brenda A.

Brenda A.

My struggles with weight issues are really no different than most everyone’s. As a teenager I thought I was fat (I wasn’t) but the bad and unhealthy habits started then. Starve myself… lose weight… start eating… gain it all back and then some. If someone came up with a crazy fad diet, I was sold. I would lose weight only to gain it back.

Eventually, keeping up with the latest fad diet was no longer possible. Each loss and substantial gain brought frustration, great sadness and a feeling of hopelessness. It would be difficult to find a weight loss program that I had not tried. I was never successful long term with these programs for a variety of reasons, the main being that there is not just one or two reasons that I was overweight, there were many. A big deterrent for me is change; a change of any kind would derail me and I would become overweight again in no time.

Seven months ago I found myself in that situation once again! This time I found the new well… this program brought things that no other had before. Of course the standard “eat healthy” and “move” are in place, but so are accountability and relaxation, two elements I never incorporated before, two very important aspects! I have lost 45 pounds, the smallest I have been in years!! I look forward to my daily work outs and more than once I have passed on bad food choices knowing that I am going to have to tell someone.

The new welll has guided me in a new, healthy and permanent lifestyle. I’ve learned how to plan and prepare for the changes life brings not to be disrupted by it! I used to hang on to my “fat” clothes just in case… NOT ANYMORE!!


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