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Casey D

Casey D.

The first time someone called me fat I was in sixth grade. Looking back at pictures from that time, I was not fat! In fact, it was the only time anyone (besides myself) called me fat. However, that word permeated my self-identity and caused years of struggle. I’ve been a member at the new well off and on for years. After trying countless “diets” by myself, working with the ladies at the new well has by far been the best experience. Their holistic approach to weight loss has helped with more than just my goal to get to a certain weight. While I haven’t maintained exact discipline and have yet to reach my goal, I know that I am now healthier! I unconsciously make better choices. I wake up every day with the knowledge that I have complete control over how I will handle the day. Ever since I started at the new well, the biggest change that I have seen in myself is higher self-esteem! With their help, I can overcome the stigma of the word “fat”. My New Year’s resolution is to be nicer to myself. I think it’s a resolution that I can keep with the amazing support of the girls at the new well!


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