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I’ve always thought I had a weight problem. I was borderline anorexic. I thought I was fat, but I was actually underweight.

With my first pregnancy I had morning sickness continuously. The only time I felt decent was when I ate, but I didn’t like eating. When I started eating regularly my body didn’t understand that it wasn’t going to starve again, so it started storing up the fat.

After three pregnancies, my body weight went from 125-130 to over 200. Life was extremely stressful and I was falling into a depression. Due to the stress and depression, my weight started going up.

I tried to turn back to anorexia. I thought that since it had worked for me in the past, it would work again. I didn’t realize what I was doing to my body. My stomach couldn’t handle it. I would double over with extreme stomach pains.

To this day I still fight anorexia. Every now and again I catch myself thinking I can do this an easier way. Then I remind myself of the pain I went through, and I realize that it isn’t the easy way out.

Later I went through a divorce and lost 50lbs in one month. I know it’s not healthy to lose weight rapidly like that, but at that time in my life I didn’t care. I was losing the weight. I went down to 220 and I stayed there for many years.

Then a couple years ago I moved to Oregon. The stress was up again, I couldn’t find work and the depression kicked in. The 50lbs I lost ten years ago came back on. I was turning to my comfort foods to help me cope. Did the foods help me? No, it just made it worse because I was getting heavier again.

I came across an employment ad for the new well. Because of the new well I now realize that my eating habits were even less healthy than I thought.

I have successfully lost 35lbs so far, and I have discovered something very interesting on my journey; Even though I am at 240 and not 220 my measurements are actually smaller than they were when I was 220. I can fit into jeans that I couldn’t wear when I was 220. So when I am 220 I will be even smaller! I know the reason is because now I am eating healthier. Before the new well, it seemed I was always getting sick. Now I have more energy, and I don’t get sick as often.

The new well has helped me not only in my weight loss journey, but in my overall health.


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