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Jessica F.

DeAnn Y.

The new welll has been an answer to my prayers. I knew needed to do something about my health and my weight, but I did not know how to get started. I was frustrated with myself and how I felt and looked in my clothes. I was always tired and I never had any energy to do or want to do anything. I have tried other weight loss programs and if I did manage to lose some weight, it came right back and sometimes I gained more than I lost. It was very frustrating.

Then I heard about The Biggest Winner contest going on at the new well on KLDR and I knew that Brenda and Jeanette were already on the new well program and were very happy with their personal weight loss. So I thought that I would show up on the night they were going to pick names for 5 lucky ladies to join the five teams for the competition. Much to my amazement, I was the second lucky lady picked! What an awesome opportunity for me.

The first two weeks of the competition were tough. I was not used to exercising at all and was now exercising 4 to 5 times a week and getting used to the meal plan. I didn’t want to call it a diet because this was going to be a life style change for me. Calling it a meal plan means that I can make the right choices for me. But with the help of all of the wonderful counselors at the new well, I made it through. I can’t say enough about the new well staff, they are amazing and are there for you. They want you to succeed!! So with determination, I worked hard on my workouts and was very strict about what I ate to fuel my body.

The new welll plan works! I lost enough of my body fat to win the new well/KLDR competition! Words cannot describe how I felt when they called my name as the winner. This has been one of the most awesome experiences that I have ever had!

I am feeling energetic and healthier now. I look forward to my visits and my workouts. My body craves it now. Just this week I tried on some clothes that I have not been able to wear for several years and they fit! It was such an amazing feeling that I cried! I used to suffer from severe heartburn and now that is gone. I am looking forward to the rest of my weight loss and wellness journey. As I told one of the counselors at the new well, “I want to be a very active and able 80 year old”. I still want to be able to dance, hike and travel at that age and older. I know I will succeed with this program.

Thank you, the new well and KLDR for making this weight loss and wellness journey such a great success story for me. Thank you to my wonderful husband, Augie, for all of his support and understanding.


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