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Delia K.

Delia K.

In September, I rejoined the new well, bud didn’t really get going because of work until Mother’s Day. I have adjusted my work schedule to accommodate some “me” time. I’ve been applying the tools of the program very consistently since mid-May and have alleviated my back pain – this year yard work hasn’t just about killed me J. I do the circuit 5 days a week, have recently started going to Zumba(which I think of as fun instead of exercise, but it sure burns the calories) and even tried a little jogging last weekend.

I gave up diet Pepsi and have been bringing my lunch instead of going out every day. I even got my coworker to join the new well, so I bring her lunch too, so neither one of us is a bad influence on the otherJ. The hardest part of the day is still the evenings when I watch TV. But, I have found that going to Zumba, doing yard work, walking in the evenings, and cooking dinner instead of eating out keep me occupied, which in turn, keeps me from mindless eating in the evenings.

I have lost 45 lbs (32 since Mother’s Day) and dropped 3 pant sizes. Now, instead of feeling depressed, irritated, and lethargic, I’m hopeful, happy, and energetic. I can’t wait to see what loosing the next 45 lbs does!


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