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 Denise C.

Denise C.

My journey started back around March 2016…. I was waiting out in front of the pizza place, for the pizza I had ordered. I was right by the new well and I thought, “I should go check out what the new well is all about”. I had heard it advertised on the radio and knew someone who had gone there and they were very successful. I had about 10 minutes before my pizza would be ready, so I went in. The place was buzzing with music and friendly staff. The people working out were all different sizes, some very fit and some – well not so fit. I really liked what I saw; the women working out were very friendly and I thought to myself I want to come here. I had a lot of weight to lose and I knew what I needed to do to lose it, I just wasn’t doing it. I began with Fresh Start and lost 6 lbs. the first week – I like this! I started to work out three times a week on the exercise circuit and I was losing weight and feeling good! I joined their Biggest Winner contest and had a lot of fun! When that ended I didn’t seem as motivated, but I kept going. The beginning of July, I injured my back and needed to have surgery. The surgery in August ended up being much more than doctors had anticipated. I had a long recovery so I was unable to work out for four months. At this same time, I was taking care of my parents, my mom also had a major back surgery, so I was at the hospital every day while still running to Rogue River to check on my dad, in addition to working full time. It wasn’t long before I was pretty burned out. The staff at the new well was great, they sent me cards, emails, phone calls, and letters all encouraging me to get back, and they were very encouraging. Well I used the excuse, “I am so busy” (which I was), but I also wasn’t following my healthy eating plan. I may not have been able to work out, but I could have been sticking to the nutrition - I wasn’t. Well, I gained back the 25 lbs. I had lost (I had just hit my 40% success step) I was bummed and so disappointed for letting that happen. I just started back, it felt so good to do so! I do enjoy the work out (after I get started). I am trying to get back on my customized nutrition plan with the support of the staff. What has the new well done for me? They give me the support I need; I love that they have been in my shoes and lost weight also. There is nothing worse than someone who has never had a weight problem giving you advice, they just don’t understand how hard it is. It is almost like an addiction… Just one more handful of chips, just a little more butt on that movie theater popcorn. Being at the new well helps me with my “addiction”, they don’t judge me – they offer support and good advice. Tomorrow is a new day!


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