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Emily C.

Emily C.

I’d been hearing about the new well for years. I’d know several people that had weight loss success on their program. I’ve had friends that had worked there and I frequently went in and bought make up there. Yes, I was curious about how the new well program was different than other programs, but I never took the time to ask the staff about it.

I’d hovered around a certain weight for several years… never losing very much, never gaining too much. Then an undiagnosed medical condition became increasingly worse and began affecting my everyday life. I’ve always been a person to be involved in alot of activities and volunteering, but I was having trouble even doing the things I loved doing. After a diagnosis and some new medicine, I was feeling better and not as tired, but I was gaining weight… My clothes weren’t fitting and I had to buy the next size up which I was none too happy about.

Then about a year ago, I landed a new job which thrust me into a public role where photographs of myself were posted in social media frequently. I’ve always tried to be honest with myself of where I was at with my weight but seeing it weekly really kept me honest… and frustrated. An opportunity to work with the new well presented itself and I jumped at the chance. Even though I was skeptical, I was beyond ready to be healthier and look better too!

Since joining the new well just over 3 months ago, I’ve been amazed at how easy the nutritional plan is. It’s easy to follow, easy to maintain and easy to eat! I am not getting my food in the mail & putting it in a microwave with this plan! I’m eating fresh and yummy foods! I LOVE THIS PLAN! And I couldn’t do this without the new well consultants! Every single lady is so positive, inspirational and knowledgeable! I get the best advice & support from the staff! It makes all the difference to have someone to talk with about your journey… the good the bad & the ugly. And the weight has just seemed to fall off. Don’t get me wrong – it’s hard work.. but the new well makes it fun and easy!

I’m looking forward to reaching my next goal and once I’m there – I may just be setting a new goal after that. And I know I’ll reach it because the new well will be there with me along the way… every step of the way.


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