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Gail S.

Gail S.

Food is Fuel and Food is Medicine! Ask Dr. Oz and the new Before and after Gail S.well personnel who are there for you every step of the journey to wellness and a fantastic program offered! The new well made a powerful connection for me from the beginning. I have only been doing this about a month and this is the longest time I have stayed with any weight loss program ever. It has been tough at times and the new well personnel are available when I have had a question or issue. Their encouragement and respect propel me to continue to reach my goal. I am the only one who can do it. The cup is half-full or half-empty by choice. And, I will get there!! Being physically active on a regular basis will also help me maintain my goal when reached. That will be a new chapter and a new challenge. And, in the meantime, I will have learned to enjoy a new and healthier lifestyle.

When I made the choice to join the new well, I made a commitment to myself for the time needed to meet my goal and the time needed to learn the process and make the necessary changes for a healthy body, mind and spirit! When I launched my balloon that first day, the words I chose to write on the card were, “I want a healthy body, mind and spirit!” And, making the time commitment for myself to achieve that goal has empowered me in meeting not just weekly weight loss goals but other goals unrelated to weight loss, i.e. walking two days while not in class or doing the “circuits at the new well” and getting my little house in order, i.e. clearing the clutter where I live. Since I work on the weekends only, I have seized Monday through Friday with no excuses for working out, learning to cook for myself and truly enjoying it—I have met the challenge and found a comfort level—besides that I am a good cook and there is always something for a good cook to learn!! Sometimes, it is more interesting and rewarding to cook for others but I have discovered that an interesting and pleasant approach for me, so that I am developing a change in my lifestyle that will stick with me forever! I have also become an avid food label reader!! That in itself is an education.

Since starting my the new well Program June 27, 2012, I make room in my schedule to do physical activities with my grandsons. As a grandmother with two very active grandsons, I take pride in going to the pool with them, taking a long walk with their dog, encouraging them to be active on a daily basis with hiking, and running (they are the runners, while I do the walking on the track with them). One of my goals is to get back into bike riding and that is also something to share with them and my grown children. I want my grandsons to be inspired by the hard work and effort that is paying off for this grandmother who joined the new well program. I want them to learn that Food is Fuel and Food is Medicine. With a healthy body, mind and spirit, I look forward to making lots more memories with my grandchildren and adult children.

As a caregiver for an adult foster home, I need every ounce of physical strength and stamina to assist safely the residents that I am responsible for. Being physically active 5 days a week and eating healthy sets me up for a weekend of work and incorporating during my breaks some awesome Yoga stretches to relax me if things get a little stressful. Caregiving is very rewarding and can be stressful at times but it’s nice to know what I bring “to the job” is a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Some years ago the doctor told me I had a hiatal hernia and that weight loss would help. Well, I haven’t needed to take Prilosec for sometime now!! And, I have high expectations for great results with the annual cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure and other tests after meeting my goal for weight loss in November 2012! At the moment, I am at a 20% level toward that goal—I began the new well Program June 27, 2012—today is July 26, 2012.

This has been truly a pleasant surprise for me to feel stronger and more resilient bodywise in such a short amount of time. The right combo of good nutrition and good exercise has catapulted me into that 20% level of the 100% goal!! Like I have said before, “Not bad for an Old Broad!” The body is an amazing machine, is it not? The body always wants to heal itself!! One “stepping stone” at a time as I keep moving forward towards the goal, learning something new about myself even at this juncture in life!

I have had personal and professional obstacles to overcome in the past and the “tools” which are needed to keep moving forward in my the new well Program will continue to boost that confidence level and keep me focused while making a huge change in my lifestyle—a change that will allow me to make even more memories with family members and friends.

I am 62 years young and a student for life! Isn’t there always something to learn no matter what age we are? Thank you, the new well, for being there and offering your expertise and commitment to me.

Not bad for an Old Broad!


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