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Harmoney T.

Harmoney T.

I had a desire to lose weight and had to surrender to the fact that I needed help. I have a friend that had gone through the new well program, so went to see about it for myself. I have lost the weight, but to my surprise, found that with the quality of the counseling and emphasis on balance that this has been more about the change INSIDE myself. The whole thing has been a positive experience.

Coming in for my visits has never felt like a confessional, rather a feeling of empowerment. I am in control of my decisions. I didn’t have to do this or that – it was my choice and I make choices now that I am proud of. When I have made choices I wasn’t proud of I would get support and motivation to move past it without judgement or punishment, the staff was always supportive and understanding. This has been all about choice and moving forward. The guilt has been lifted and it has been about my journey to being healthy inside and out. I am healing and it feels good!

What a remarkable transition for me. I am totally off my blood pressure medication, I am stronger, and my workouts are easier. I can do Yoga poses now that I could never do before and I am getting better all the time. I make choices now for me, not because my Mom or anyone else said so. I do it because I say so. The difference in my emotional health trumps the physical health but both sustain me. I learn something new every time I visit the new well.

I know that my wellness is not a destination, however a journey that I will be on the rest of my life. This is the way I lead my life, and I never feel deprived.

To anyone reading this, I would say – Believe in yourself and celebrate support. One of my barriers has been striving for independence. Allowing myself to get support has been a decision that has allowed me to be successful, and one that I am proud of. Interdependence is okay, but don’t be afraid to let go of ego and get the support you need.


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