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Janet H.

Janet H.

I had always thought of myself as thick growing up but after having two kids by the time I was 21, I let myself become unhealthy and overweight. I had become less active, began cooking at home less and eating out more often. Fast food became my easiest go to. I continued gaining weight and by the time I was 26 I weighed 208 pounds. Desperate to lose the weight I tried many fad diets with only temporary success and lots of frustration; I would always gain my weight back. I knew something had to change. I began eating healthier and cutting out fast foods. Over the next year I lost 30lbs. I felt great about my success but knew I needed to lose more. I didn’t know how to go about it, I needed help.

At this same time in my life I was looking at a career change. I saw an ad for a position as a Wellness Consultant at the new well, and thought this was perfect. I had been successful in losing weight and wanted to help others to make positive changes in their lives, plus maybe this would be the answer I needed to get to my goal weight. Wow was that true on so many levels! I achieved my goal weight, feel so empowered and have the privilege of helping other ladies do the same! I since have had another child. I was able to lose most of the pregnancy weight quickly because of my support team here at the new well. I balance my weight in a whole new way. I have learned that this is a journey and have had ups and downs throughout it. It is not about all or nothing; it is about having a healthy relationship with food for me. I have been part of the new well team for nearly 6 years now and have discovered a whole new way of living thanks to the support of the staff and our amazing members that inspire me every day.

I am doing it, you can too! I’ll be here with you every step of the way.


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