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Jeanne K.

Jeanne K.

It’s not just about weight loss.

My story began with a tough, life-changing event. I was devastated by betrayal at the end of a friendship/relationship. I went to the new well to make some positive changes in my life. Since August 2009 I have lost over 40 lbs and dropped six sizes. I’ve taken bags and bags and clothes to Goodwill. I reached my initial weight loss goal ahead of schedule, so I set another. I’ve since reached that goal and now I’m working to continue toning and reducing body fat.

The path to physical well-being has led to spiritual and emotional growth, and feeling more positive about myself. I just got back from a mission trip to Africa that changed me forever and helped put life in perspective.

Since returning, I’ve had another opportunity to give. I am very close to a family whose son is in need of a kidney. The entire family was tested and no one was a match. I was tested and am a match with Tyler. When Tyler found out I was a match, he said, “I knew it was going to be you. It was meant to be, with you getting healthier, losing weight and eating well.”

The program at the new well prepared me for the gift of a lifetime to a friend, a chance to save a life. I finally believed that everything happens for a reason. I walked into the door of the new well on July 29, 2009 a sad, broken and unhealthy individual. Now I walk through the door three times a week a happy, healthy loving person.

The program will continue to keep me healthy as I begin this next phase of my life and recover from kidney donation. (Research has shown that people with one kidney live as long, if not longer, that those with two kidneys because they have to stay healthy.) the new well has set me up to take care of myself, stay healthy and emotionally balanced.

Now I can pay it forward.

Part II

I was going to donate a kidney to my dear friend. However, life is constantly throwing us curve balls. After going through all the rigorous tests, I found out that I have kidney stones, and couldn’t donate to Tyler. I was devastated. I wanted to help him with my whole being. I could have turned to food but, because of the new well, I turned to exercise as an outlet for my frustration. It took me several months to begin to understand why I couldn’t donate, especially when I have felt the healthiest in years. I realize that I had, for a brief moment, the ultimate opportunity to give. I now had the chance to pass that opportunity on to someone else, who was able to give her kidney to Tyler.

Because I wanted to have a goal, a purpose, I signed up for, trained and ran a half marathon. Since that half marathon, I have raced in 15 events, ranging from triathlons to mud runs to 10 mile and 5K runs. I love the feeling of well-being and a sense of purpose that competing gives me!

I’ve learned alot on this journey, and am still learning. Through the new well, I’ve regained control and the power to say “no”, and am free from guilt from eating. The best gift that I could have given myself is the gift of health, so that I can help others to turn to a healthy lifestyle and see the joy that life has to offer.

I’m Jeanne, and through the new well, I’ve lost 50 pounds and gained confidence, I’ve lost 23 inches and gained joy and well being, I’ve lost 13% body fat and gained stamina and control!


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