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Jeanette B.

Jeanette B.

My new well story started in November 2006 when it was Healthy Inspirations. I was tired all the time and by 2:30 pm I could barely get through the work day. I was the heaviest I had ever been. On top of that my only child was going to graduate from High School in June 2007 and I was going to turn 50! I took a good look at myself and realized that I needed help to make a healthy lifestyle change. I checked out many programs and even tried on my own without much success.

The new welll provided me with what I needed to reach my weight and most importantly my health goals. The wonderful consultants were the key to my success. They encouraged me and helped me be accountable to myself and my health goals. They gave me many tools to succeed such as the food journals, healthy recipes using real food, a manageable exercise circuit and relaxation. The program works! You may be wondering why I am still a member of the new well after 7 years. The first year that I renewed my membership I was worried that if I left I would go back to my old lifestyle which I didn’t want to do. Let’s face it, life happens when we don’t or can’t take care of ourselves like we should. The consultants at the new well helped me realize that if I don’t keep myself healthy I won’t be able to support my family, friends and coworkers when they need it most. Every year that I have had the opportunity to renew my membership I do. The program is a part of my healthy lifestyle that I don’t want to be without. The consultants are always there for me and help me to get back on track when needed. They call me if I haven’t been to exercise in a while and encourage me to stay with it. There is probably much more I could say but I just want to thank the consultants at the new well for being the awesome mentors that they are. Next time you see me, feel free to ask about my journey to a healthy lifestyle and why I love the new well.


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