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Jeanette B.

Jeanette B.

2017 is my 10th anniversary as a member at the new well. I made my 100% weight loss goal in February 2007. The consultants at the new well have kept me coming back each year with their love and encouragement. Weight loss has many facets, both mental and physical. What I have learned is to love myself as I currently am, whether that means I have kept the weight off or gained it back. What the goal is for me is a healthy life style, and the new well gave me so many tools to accomplish that goal (healthy eating, exercise, relaxation, goal setting). This is a life changing program and not a quick fix. People ask me if I ever get bored with the program after all these years. My answer is a resounding NO! The consultants have helped challenge me to amp up my exercise so I can challenge myself. The new Well is my “gym” membership and my family. I encourage anyone on thinking about it to make the new well your family too.


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