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Jessica F.

Jessica F.

The new welll has totally transformed my life! Before joining the new well, I was addicted to Dr Pepper. I admit it’s not the worst addiction to have, but I was unable to kick my habit. I tried and tried, started and stopped so many times. I even quit telling people that I wasn’t drinking it anymore because I’d be drinking one the next time I saw them. Drinking so much soda caused me not only to gain weight, but it fueled an unhealthy cycle where I’d crave salty foods which caused me to drink more Dr Pepper! The cycle was worse when I was stressed (which was pretty much all the time). The more stressed I felt, the more Dr Pepper I drank. The end result was that I felt lousy, was unhappy with how I looked and I felt helpless to do anything about it.

Since I joined the new well, I’ve kicked my Dr Pepper addiction. More importantly, I regained control of my life. After the initial adjustment to a new way of thinking and cooking, my stress level drastically reduced. All the same stressors are there, but there’s something about eating healthier and exercising regularly that has changed my perspective and reduced my stress level. I’m no longer addicted to Dr Pepper, I’m no longer constantly hungry and the helpless feeling is gone. Now I feel better and look better! Thank you new well!


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