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Kathy C.

Kathy C.

Hi I’m Kathy C.

Most of my life I’ve never needed to diet to lose weight. I was able to eat whatever I wanted without increasing my weight. About 15 years ago I started gaining weight and needed to buy larger sizes in clothes. This was when I needed to figure out what to do to change this direction. I really didn’t know how to diet.

My friends had suggested different things to try including some books to read. One place I visited for weight loss made me feel like I had no reason to be there and didn’t need to lose weight. Nothing seemed to help. I would lose some weight but I would gain it back and then some. During my annual visit at my OBGYN office last year (2012) I discussed my weight increase. She suggested the new well. I contacted them but I couldn’t figure out how this would work. It seemed too much money to feel that it might be the same results as others had been.

I was also noticing shortness of breath. I discussed this with my doctor and they performed several medical tests that ended up costing a lot of money and didn’t find a reason for my shortness of breath. Mind you no doctor had ever questioned my weight gain.

Staff at the new well contacted me again concerning joining. In visiting with them I knew I needed to do something so I signed up. It was difficult for me to decide on the weight loss that I wanted because for me it wasn’t about the number, it was how my clothes fit. I had a lot of anxiety over this and left that day wondering whether I made the right choice and whether I would be able to do this.

It has been a journey for me but I was able to make the 100% goal in the following month that was set for my plan. The staff has been really helpful encouraging me in ways I wouldn’t have imagined. They have become friends that have been so helpful.

I don’t know whether I’ve noticed any difference in my shortness of breath but I also have a cracked tail bone that a specialist indicated nothing could be done to help relieve the pain. It was painful to sit and at the time I had a computer job which required me to sit a lot of the day. I had one of those air pillows that I carried with me everywhere which helped some. I don’t really remember when it all changed but I now can sit for hours at the computer without any pain. No need for the air pillow. I’m assuming that between the weight loss and the exercise program this is now why I no longer have this pain.

A couple of other things that I notice is how much easier it is to get up and down from the floor. It is also easier to sit on the floor for extended amounts of time.

I’m in my yearly maintenance time and continue to work on not gaining back the weight. As long as I stay on plan I will be able to maintain. I tell others how much this plan has worked and encourage others like me to take that first step. I’m so glad that I did.


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