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Kellee M.

Kellee M.

I was unhappy with myself and it was affecting everything in my life. I had tried unsuccessfully to lose weight on my own. I had to do something. It was affecting my stress levels, my health, my happiness, and in particular, my relationship with my husband of 16 years. He loves me and would tell me I looked good but I knew differently and it was affecting our intimacy. I just wasn’t interested. This was actually the final straw that brought me to do something about my weight. I couldn’t stand hiding behind excess weight and my lack of confidence from the person I love so much.

My doctor told me about the new well and I decided I was going to do it because I knew I needed accountability and support. I’ve tried losing weight by myself. Without accountability it just didn’t work. The support thing is huge for me – having someone to push me, motivate me, and celebrate with me.

Now that I’ve reached my goal, I feel healthier and am proud to be making better choices. My attitude is so positive now and I enjoy work more than I have in years. The back problems I had prior to my weight loss have now disappeared.

Before when people gave me compliments, I couldn’t accept them. Now it makes me feel good and I believe them! My 15-year old daughter has seen the change and I feel I’m a better example of nutrition and health.

What would I say to someone thinking about the new well? It works. The staff is friendly, motivating, and non-judgemental. And it’s fun!

I am proud of the focus and determination that helped me to reach my goal. My life is better for it. I am a renewed person – physically, mentally, and emotionally.


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