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Klee R.

Klee R.

It seems I am relentlessly evaluating my health and fitness, always seeing areas that need change & more focus. It is an endless battle and takes diligent determination to stay on the right path of a healthy lifestyle, but with the new well – it is possible! My journey began several years ago when a friend of mine encouraged me to check out the new well. Like many others, I was struggling with my weight, which in turn made my self-esteem non-existent. I needed help & encouragement in a non-judgmental environment, which is exactly what Janet, Stephanie & Holly provide for me. I feel more energetic, focused and less uptight. Also, by following the eating and exercise plan provided, I began to see results! Although I continuously struggle, and as of right now I am not at my goal weight, I have been blessed by the new well plan and feel a huge amount of gratitude for the ladies who help make my journey possible and do not allow me give up on myself.


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