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Kristen R

Kristen R.

April 2016 I started perhaps the most important journey of my adult life. After viewing photos of our family trip I could hardly look at myself; I looked not only overweight but unhealthy. Like a lot of people, I joined the new well seeking a healthy way to lose unwanted weight. While I knew some things about the program, as a friend had mentioned she was a member, I truly had no idea how much the program and process would come to mean to me! From the moment I walked in the door, I was showered with encouragement, great information, and perhaps most important (and needed for me), a way to stay accountable to myself through journaling. Taking not of what I was eating, or not eating (in my case) was very important, as I have always had an unhealthy relationship with food. The intake of food or lack thereof, has always been a source of control for me. I spent many years’ yo-yo dieting, eating frozen foods, and frankly not eating at all. My experience with the new well was truly the first time I had encountered a team of amazing and caring people wishing to talk about my feelings related to food, in addition to nutrition guidance and delicious recipe advice. In less than six months’ time, I had lost 30 pounds and also the need to think of food as a crutch, enemy, and friend. It would be dishonest of me to say that there are not days when a sweet treat or a few chips isn’t divine, but the great thing is I no longer feel bad about having those splurges every once in a while. I am living a balanced lifestyle with healthy food and exercise! The new well has truly been a gift beyond gifts! Not only am I healthy, but also I am stronger in so many ways. From running a half marathon to biking and hiking trails I could barely look at prior to weight loss; I am in a place now that is happy and healthy. I love it when people ask me how I lost my weight as it brings me so much joy to encourage others to seek out this amazing gift. I know without a doubt that the weekly visits, journaling, the new well team, and the lifestyle have forever changed me for that I eternally grateful!


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