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Laura B.

Laura B.

I've been on diets since I was 10 years old. I have lost and gained hundreds of lbs. through the years. I worked as a weight loss consultant, inspirational teacher/speaker regarding weight loss for 20 years. I was at my goal weight for probably 15 of those 20 years. In mid-2008/2009 I began to put on weight due to multiple issues, one of which included losing the mobility to do the very most basic of tasks, which ultimately lead me to a total hip replacement on the left side. I got back to my goal in 2010 within 6 months, because I had a vacation planned. I then proceeded to gain it all back within a year. In 2013 I quit my weight loss coaching job. I was feeling terrible guilt coaching others and not leading a healthy lifestyle, being 30 lbs. over my goal at that time. I struggled with these two things being at odds. I was not practicing a healthy lifestyle but somehow motivating others to lose weight, get to their goal, and stay there. Once I quit, I was happy that I could focus on myself following that decision. I had no plan, no outside accountability from others, nothing in place. I had every single tool available; the knowledge, and the ability, but something was missing. Over the course of the next two and a half years, I put on another 20 lbs. I was miserable. On March 29th, 2016 I went to my Dr. And asked him for diet pills. I was desperate. Every part of my body ached, I couldn't walk up my hill without stopping because I would be out of breath. I have a job that I sometimes have to run to emergencies, and I couldn't run further than 50 yards at best, without being out of breath. It was difficult to get into bed, the bathtub, walk a mile, etc. At that time, I was working out maybe two times a week. When I asked my doctor for diet pills, he looked right at me and said a resounding NO. He said I'd be happy to write a prescription for any healthy program without hesitation. We discussed various options and I made up various excuses as to why I couldn’t, it wouldn't work, etc. I left his office with a prescription in hand for the new well following our discussion. I drove there did not pass go and signed up with 50 lbs. to lose. I walked in ashamed, guilty, sad, remorseful, angry, fearful and embarrassed. I began with the circuit and eventually worked the elliptical, stationery bikes, walking, spinning, etc. into my daily routine. I started eating a diet of what I like to call clean eating. I document what I eat for reality purposes, and I am learning about my choices based on emotions, feelings, etc. I really feel like the visits because they help me to not only be accountable, but I continue to have self-discovery that occurs when I review my behaviors, actions, feelings, and thoughts. Four months after beginning, I began to have the same similar pain on my right hip. Two months later, I went from working out six days a week to not being able to do any physical activity (with the exception of just going into the warm pool and walking.) This was because of my body pain. I was scared that I was going to gain back the weight I had lost (which was about 20 lbs). I now really feel that because I had the strong base with the food plan, accountability assistance from the new well staff, Club Northwest, and support from some friends that I can keep the weight off. I am now halfway to my goal even though exercise is interfered with some of my momentum. I have been unable to complete the most basics of tasks and exercises, but I will have a total hip replacement on the right side in one month. I have lost 25 lbs. so far and I am confident that this time around the injury will not get in the way of my goals. I have continued to maintain within 2 to 3 lbs the last four months and that is an accomplishment. I'm in this for the long haul. I want to enjoy the journey, learn, grow and have fun. That's what I'm doing with help from the new well’s program, staff and lots of dedication to myself. I don't ever want to walk in somewhere guilty and ashamed due to weight again. I don’t believe I ever will again.


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