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Linda D.

Linda D.

My goal when I came to the new well was to lose 25 lbs. I walked all the time, but I noticed after I hit the 50’s I could not just walk it off. The last five years it just seemed to keep adding up and when I hit the 165lb mark, I said, no way!! So I tried walking more and watching what I ate and lost down to 160lbs; still not enough. I decided I needed more of a change, so I went to see what the new well was all about. My diet was really not that bad, but I needed to learn portion control, eat every two hours, and of course, drink lots of water and no alcohol.

I started at the new well in August of 2013. I have only been there for 3 weeks but I have lost 7lbs and feel really good. I do try to use the exercise circuit 5 times a week; it doesn’t take long and really relaxes me. The ladies that work there are always helpful and have good ideas. The other ladies going through the new well program talk about the food they eat and always have good tips on different ways to be successful, like how organizing your food ahead of time is a must. It is very rewarding.

One thing I will say, when I listen to some of the ladies that have been here for several years is that you need to have the right frame of mind when you come in. You have to want to change and I know that goes along with anything, but it is so true. You have to want it bad enough to see this as a life changing event. The food you eat is fresh and consists of all the food groups; you just learn to eat in moderation and often. The wellbars are very good and give you the feeling you are getting a goody on your break. I never feel hungry. I have had a day when I ate and drank off of the plan, knowing that I had to get right back the next day and was fine. I hope you decide to get healthy and take the steps to get there too.


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