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Misty C.

Misty C.

Joining the new well has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have decided that at this point in my life, 30 years old, its time to really kick my butt into shape and change my entire lifestyle. The lifestyle I have lived up to this point has will lead me straight to diabetes, which is honestly my biggest fear in life. My mother has it and I have seen first hand how truly awful and debilitating it is. My hopes with joining the new well is that I will learn to care for myself better than I have been already and improve my overall health and longevity and also to inspire those around me to do the same, my sister in particular. I hope that once she sees me do it and sees the results first hand, that it will inspire her to do it as well.

I joined the new well about a month and a half ago and have already lost about 11 pounds. It would have been more but I fell off the wagon temporarily but with the help of the amazing staff at the new well and all of their encouragement and positive reinforcements, I was able to get back on track. I haven’t personally seen results in myself yet (apparently I don’t see myself the way others do!) but I have been getting compliments quite often from people saying how great I look and how they can tell I’ve lost weight, even the ones who don’t know about the program. I absolutely love hearing that and it really encourages me to work harder on improving myself physically and mentally. I feel that since I have started this program that I have had more energy and motivation and even when I don’t feel that way, if I drag myself out of bed and grudgingly head to the gym and find that once I do it, I feel awesome and it makes my entire day better and I feel thankful and proud of myself and that is an amazing feeling:)

I already feel as though I have so much more confidence in myself and even though Ive been terrified of wearing a swimsuit in front of people, recently I have realized that I don’t care one bit about that anymore, and even though I am as of yet only 11lbs smaller, I can wear my swimsuit and wear it with confidence for the first time in several years and it only gets better because I know I am getting smaller by the day! I recently did a spinning class, which I was terrified of doing before the new well, and even though it was the hardest workout I’ve ever done, it was amazing! I actually completed the full hour of the class and I was so proud of myself for doing it. Two months ago I likely would have given up half way through the class. I can already feel myself getting stronger and my endurance getting better as well. Joining the new well has been a great experience and I hope that more people get on board and discover the fantastic benefits of it like I have. We only have one body in this life, and once its gone, its gone for good, so its time to learn to love our bodies and who we are in them and the new well is a great way to do that:)

P.S. The photo of me at belay while rock climbing shows one of my all time favorite things to do:) This photo inspires me to lose more weight because I can rock climb so much better when I’m thinner and more flexible like I used to be.


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