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Pat f.

Pat F.

A recent retiree from the Parks and Recreation Department, where she served Ashland and the Oregon Caves. Her job was sedentary by nature with a 2-hour commute a day and no time nor desire to exercise. Couple that with not liking to cook her weight got as high as 185. With the hardship of losing her mom she dropped down to 165. Pat said at that point she needed to make a huge lifestyle change. She was concerned with her future. She wanted to approach the “Golden Years” with healthy lifestyle.

She had made the decision to join Club Northwest and teach herself the desire to workout. It was there she discovered the new well. She joined in April and said it was intimidating at first. One of her biggest hurdles was cooking. Before taking control of her life she was a “Microwave Girl” and making unhealthy food choices. “The new well has taught me that I can cook a steak, roast veggies and even pork chops,” Pat stated. “With advancing in age and the issues that come from that it is important to keep moving and I get that at the new well. I want to approach my 70’s as a healthy senior,” Pat continued. She said that she now looks forward to coming in and enjoys working out, “It’s not a chore” she exclaimed! The consultants and members are positive people to be around. It’s a happy, wonderful place that is supportive and she really appreciates us. It keeps her motivated. Pat has hit her 100% weight loss goal of 145 and is halfway through her new goal of hitting 135.


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