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Pat N.

Pat N.

My name is Pat, I would like to let you know a little about myself and how my life has changed.

When I married for the second time I weigh 95pounds. Not bad for having two children right, well I would have said that. Then things began to change for me. I started to put on weigh and I mean not just a little, I went from 95 to 160. I didn’t want to get on a scale because I was afraid of what it would say.

I decided that I needed to do something about my weight. So I started by trying to eat less but always felt hungry and still put on weight. I lost a little here and there, but still gaining. It got so bad that I was down to eating one meal a day. Well, what a meal. I was eating more in that one meal then if I had eaten three meals.

I have tried all kinds of diets. Let me see… there was the vinegar diet, the bean diet, the three day fast , Herbal Life, Diet Center and so many more I can’t think of them all. Yes, I would lose some but as soon as I quit it be right back on. It was to the point that I had given up on myself and what I looked like. I said okay, this is what I was and that was that.

Then things started to change in my life I saw my mother-in-law go from be able to move and enjoy life to just sitting and not doing nothing. I though to myself do you really want that kind of life? Or do you want to be able to go and see things and do things with your husband and family. Well I decide that I wanted to be able to do things Not for my husband not for my children, but for me. Yes me! I give of myself so much that I got lost as to whom and what I am. Yes, it happens we forget that we matter just as much as others.

So I started to really watching what I was doing and trying to lose the weight. At this point I was 175 and gaining . My doctor told me that I was obese and that I had high cholesterol and for years tried to get me to lose and watch what I was eating.

I started to bring a healthier lunch to work. I lost 20 pounds and was proud of myself. There was a health fair at work and the new well was there along with some other companies. I said to myself, hey why not check them out? They offer a free consultation to see what they were all about, it can’t hurt. I knew I needed more help for myself to lose the weight. I was ready to get myself back to a healthy place in life. If I could get myself healthy again maybe the weigh would come off. Then maybe I would like myself. I talked to my husband and he went with me to the new well. I left a member! I started at 163 on the 31st of Dec 2010 . The weight started to come off and I felt great! My husband could see the different in the way I looked and how I acted. More sure of myself and yes I think I look great. I feel sexy!

My doctor is very proud of me. I am no longer obese and I have my cholesterol medication down from 40 to 10 mg and am working on getting off medication. The doctor said it possible for me if I keep going in this direction.

I still have a ways to go. I known I can do this, I have proven that to myself. What do I mean by that? Well at one point in my life I would have given up on trying to stay heathy and just eaten anything after I fallen off of the Diet. I don’t use the D word any more because I don’t diet. I known because when I choose to eat other things I find that I go right back to eating healthy, and yes we all do that and no it’s not a bad thing. We just need to make the decision what and when we have things. It’s life and I enjoy it, I just remember to keep it to once and while treats.

It’s helped to known that all the ladies that work at the the new well and ladies I exercise with understand and known were I’m coming from. And they do… because they have been there or are working on the same thing. They have become a family to me and I have sooo many more friends then I would have though of. I would like to take time to thank the ladies at the new well for your support and kindness in my travels to become the person I want to be.


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