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Paula C.

Paula C.

Since coming to the new well I’ve lost close to 60lbs. It’s really amazing how much it has changed what I’m able to do. I know I still have plenty to lose, but I feel wonderful. I have so much more energy now than I ever thought I could. I’m actually able to jog. I would have never dreamed that possible. One of my motivations for wanting to lose weight was my three grandchildren. As I got older I was concerned that I wasn’t able to keep up with them without getting tired and having to sit down. Of course you want to be the fun grandma- not the old, tired one. Now they have trouble keeping up with me when we go to the park and on hikes! When I first came to the the new well program, what I really liked about it is that they did not look at a chart and say you should weigh this much. They asked me what I would like to weigh and what my goals were. In April it will be my 30-year wedding anniversary and my goal was to weigh what I weighed when I said “I DO.” I’m super excited to say I’m only 10lbs from that goal. Yay me! I also set a reward for when I reached my goal. I’m going to go zip-lining. When I was setting that goal, I remembered all the times I had failed trying to lose weight in the past. I thought I would never meet my goal so I wouldn’t have to do it. Well now I know I’m going to be on that zip line and I’m so scared. What was I thinking? Why couldn’t I have set a goal to buy a new outfit or something? In all honesty and sincerity, I am so thankful to the new well for helping me finally feel in control of how I live. If you have ever been heavy, you know how the insecurities and shame affect everything you do. I’m so happy to be putting that behind me. I know I will be fighting this battle forever, but feel empowered with knowledge now to make healthier choices in my life.


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