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Sara H.

Sarah H.

Ten years ago, I got a pair of sweat pants that were so comfortable. Soft material, washed well, they were the kind of thing that you would come home from work and throw on because it felt good to be out of your stockings. I also called them “my clown pants” because I could put my hands in the pockets and pop them out to the sides, giving me the wide-bottom, egg-shaped look of a Barnum and Bailey employee. Yes, it is true that these pants would have been a major discussion topic on “What Not to Wear.”

Several years into my love affair with these sweats, I noticed that my “clown trick” didn’t work as well… truth was, they were getting a little tight in the rear end. I wish I could say that it stopped there, but I continued “growing” until I had to get rid of those beloved sweat pants because they no longer fit. I got glimpses of myself in reflective surfaces (notice I didn’t say mirrors) and when I donned my glasses, I noticed I looked like a fat Ben Franklin. Which is saying something because I had thought that Ben Franklin, being a potbellied man, was fat! But now, with my many chins, I was out-doing him!

My doctor was the one who finally put an end to it. Tests for my cholesterol were not pretty. I admitted to being winded walking up the stairs of my own home. It took effort reaching the pots and pans on the bottom shelf. I had taken up running a few years before and now was so uncomfortable doing that I stopped doing it at all. My doctor suggested the new well.

I came to visit Danielle. She led me through the plan and reasoning for why the new well works. I went home and discussed it with my husband. With his support, I called later that evening and set up my initial intake interview and weigh-in.

I had 57 pounds to lose. I am half-way there and have been plateauing for a bit, but I have no doubt that the skills the new well has given me will help me to finish off the rest. Since I have started losing weight with the new well, I have run 2 half-marathons, my first 10-mile Pear Blossom, and various other 5K runs.

I have always loved cooking and no longer fear the bottom shelf for utensils, but I have also changed how I cook and have truly embraced the “whole foods” mentality of the new well.

Because of my weight loss, my confidence has grown. Now I work in an administrative capacity for a school in the Rogue Valley, and enjoy taking a moment to play wall-ball or tag with students during recess—something I would have NEVER done before.

My doctor is so pleased with my work—all my numbers have gone down, and in a good way. I love where I am in my life, what I am doing, and how I look– all things that have changed since my journey with the new well.


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