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Sarah M.

Sarah M.

I started this phase of my wellness journey in November 2018. Since then I have lost 53 pounds. Growing up I didn't have the best diet but was involved in sports which kept me moving. Into my adulthood I was more sedentary and continued the poor eating thus I put on an unhealthy amount of weight. I tried different gyms/work out programs but could never stick with it. In October of 2011, through working out I was able to say “I do” weighing 192 pounds and it felt so good. Since then I had two beautiful babies and through managing a full-time job as well as motherhood the weight came back on. In 2017 I weighed 240 pounds and joined a fitness center. I enjoyed going three times a week and was thrilled when I began to see results in toning and weight loss. We moved to Grants Pass in June of 2018 and learned about the new well in November. I entered and won a drawing for a 2-month free membership. I set a weight loss goal hoping to get down to 175 pounds. I didn’t really know what to expect.

I never expected to start a new wellness journey right before the holidays. I was a little resistant to be honest because I wanted to do my typical overindulgence throughout the holidays like years past. Well, I surprised myself and not only practiced proper portion control but lost weight throughout the holiday season. I figured the holidays would be the largest struggle to my weight loss, but the biggest hurdle was one I didn’t expect which was the summer season. The holidays are one big day a month which I took one at a time. But summer is THREE FULL MONTHS of BBQ’s, birthdays, graduations, camping, sunshine! The beauty of the new well’s program is that it has you reflect daily on your stress level and emotions, which assist’s you in noticing patterns with your eating habits. Since I felt such joy and excitement from those continuous sunny, happy days I had to really take notice of what I was consuming throughout the season and It was a struggle. I love my weekly visits with the Wellness Consultants. It’s a small, special time to sit and discuss the week. I appreciate that the consultants are real people, who help assist me in a non-judgmental, helpful way.

Fast forward to October of 2019, I hit my 100% weight loss goal! The beautiful recipe of the new well is that it combines the weekly coaching, a daily food journal as well as the accommodations to work out. Out of all the fitness programs I have participated in I have never had the one on one coaching or the availability of food portion sizes all in a portable journal. Therefore, the program has been successful for me. THIS is exactly what I needed!

“Make good daily choices one at a time, one day at a time. Soon enough those individual changes will help you to get where you want to be and be the person you want to be.” ~ Sarah M.


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