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Serena M.

Serena M.

I did nutrisystem to lose weight after my first child. I suffered through eating cardboard meals and meat dishes with so many preservatives it could sit in my pantry for weeks. It worked, so I stuck with it. After I reached my goal weight, I found the pounds sneaking up on me and there was no plan around able to help me maintain my goal weight.

After my second child, I decided there must be a healthier way to lose the weight. I trained for a 5k one summer, and a 10k the following summer; all while being health conscious about my food. I counted calories and watched my fat intake, but the scale didn’t budge.

I moved to Grants Pass in December 2009 and found that during this relocation transition, I experienced depression and anxiety. 5 more pounds snuck up. I increased my exercise commitment, but still no weight loss. I joined the new well, and after only 3 weeks, I was already losing the weight. Nutrition balance is the key for me. I have now kept the weight off for over a year now!


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