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Sharla C.

Sharla C.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer five and a half years ago, I was advised to take a prescription drug as part of my treatment. One of the side effects of this drug is joint pain. It hurt to exercise and it hurt even more the following day. Over time, I got in the habit of moving less and eating more. During this time, my husband was in the final months of battling lung cancer so I’m sure I did a fair amount of emotional eating as well. My five year check up this past February resulted in the discontinuation of the drug. About a month later I noticed significant improvement of the joint pain. I had just finished building my ‘grandma house’ in Grants Pass, and was enjoying dividing my time between here and my long time home in southeast Alaska. My stars were aligned just right!

During a visit to the Club Northwest, I had noticed the new well area back in the corner. I paged through the scrapbook on the counter. My daughter-in-law knew one of the employees and had told me about her weight loss success. I didn’t think I could qualify because of my frequent travels to Alaska. When I finally stopped in to hear details of the new well program, I was assured I could have visits by phone. I was told there were two clients that had never even been here. I was then ready to ‘bite the bullet’.

I began the program in late March. I set 50 lbs. as my weight loss goal. While that goal sounded overwhelming in March, it doesn’t any more. I am very close to my 60% mark of 30 pounds. My weight loss has been fairly steady. I remain optimistic and feel certain I will get to my ultimate goal. I feel great. I’m wearing those three boxes of clothes I’ve been saving for years for ‘someday if I ever lose weight’. When I’m shopping and see my reflection in a window I now look twice instead of turning away! I’m starting to like what I see.

The new well program has been painless for me. When I was gone for an extended period, staff called me every week for a visit. I could have called in every day if I felt the need. The combination of food and the wellbars seem to keep one’s blood sugar levels in optimal balance. In my opinion, this is what makes this plan work. I have to say, it is very very rare that I crave anything. I seldom feel hungry. I am amazed by this! Moderate exercise works.

I will be eternally grateful I decided to stop in and get the scoop on the new well program.


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