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Sharon S

Sharon S.

I turned on the radio back in April & landed on a live auction… LISTENED! I bought the last “the new well 3 Month Membership” … MEANT TO BE! I came in for my registration visit with Janet & was wondering why there were so many women standing in the workout area. Janet told me there was a fitness challenge beginning on that day and that there might be 1 spot left. It was the “Biggest Winner”. I had her pause our visit and check to see if there was a spot for me. THERE WAS! There was 1 last shirt left. IT FIT! The first day of the new well’s “Biggest Winner” challenge was the first day of my membership. It was also the day my physical, mental, and overall wellness began to change for good. My journey has been one of purpose, challenge, friendship, love of self and others, learning, sharing, more learning and yes - decreasing my size. I did not win the challenge, but at over 40% of my weight loss goal I sure feel like a winner! Even more important to me than the weight loss was being able to cut down the dosage of 3 of my daily medications. The program absolutely works! I have struggled with my eating habits my entire life. I have struggled with maintaining a healthy weight for over 30 years. I have never been able to enjoy an exercise program like I do the new well circuit. The other members and the staff help to make it fun and interesting. Time flies by while working out. Weight loss has been slow, but steady. I have been taught what works for me. The new well is not just a place to go and workout. It’s a place where I know the staff cares about my wellbeing. A little over a year ago, my only son passed away. My family and I have been struggling to deal with his passing. Each of us deals in our own way and in our own time. For me to deal, it has been joining the new well that has helped me want to be around people and go do things again. Weight loss, eating healthy, becoming an “oiler” (that’s another story, maybe later), and learning that it’s okay to take care of myself and even pamper myself. I love the new well, the staff and the members. I’m excited to get serious about accomplishing the 2nd half of my weight loss goal. I am back on that horse today!


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