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Stephanie D.

Stephanie D.

My name is Stephanie and my story is, simply put, about food. I love food. I learned at an early age the art of cooking and, well, eating! By the age of 16 I was considerably over weight for my height. It was simply my life style, I didn’t exercise and I loved food, but it was the wrong foods. By the end of high school and the birth of my oldest son I became a yo-yo. I did everything in the ‘diet world’ to lose and maintain a healthy weight. But I was a stay at home mom cooking for a growing family, experimenting with foods of all kind. When I was 26 I gave birth to my fourth son and realized just how much my life style affected my family’s life. I was low on energy all the time and not happy with myself.

With my love for food and past failures with ‘dieting’ I didn’t know where to start. It was when my father was diagnosed borderline diabetic that I decided I was going to look at this in a completely different way. I made it a challenge for myself. I experimented with foods, but also became aware of how foods could benefit my body. I also started to increase my activity level, from walking to hiking to training for my first race. I crossed trained with yoga to decrease my chances of injuries.

I listened to my body, and I really liked the results of how good I felt. I have lost 60 pounds since my highest weight and have been maintaining for three years now. Cooking actually has become more enjoyable! I became a consultant at the new well because I lost my weight in the same beliefs that we instill here at the new well. This is a passion of mine and I love being a Wellness Consultant!


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