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Steve W.

Steve W.

I have always fought a weight issue since leaving the military in 1972. It has been a yo-yo thing for years. However, things really got out of hand when Irene (my wife) died three years ago, and I gained 40 more pounds.

I kept hearing Jeanette Stark talking about the new well on KAJO, but she always referred to it as a women’s program. When relaying at the 2013 Relay for Life, I met Janet at the new well booth. I asked her why the program discriminated against men. Her response was that they did not. Men were just excluded from their exercise area but were eligible to participate in the rest of their program.

After a consultation with her a week later, I decided the program made sense to me, and I joined both the new well and Club Northwest. Since enrolling on August 19, 2013, I have lost 50 pounds and have only 9 pounds to go to meet my goal.

I recently had my annual physical with blood work. Both my cholesterol and triglycerides are in the normal range for the first time in years, my blood pressure medication has been cut in half (& my doctor believes that dosage will be reduced in the near future). He also said that the program has statistically added 5 years to my life.

I believe that after completion of the program and continuing my Club Northwest membership, I will be able to maintain my weight loss for a lifetime. I couldn’t be happier.


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