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Sue H.

Sue H.

I’d gone to the dogs in more ways than one.

Life happened, and I was preoccupied with taking care of everyone else except me.

I think all women have experienced this at one time or another. We are the nurturers, the mothers, the wives, and everything else in between. So when the time comes when we decide to put ourselves first, we waiver. Can I afford it? Do I have the time? Will I succeed?

I had the same thoughts. But I decided I was important to myself and my family.

Prior to this decision I had rescued a little dog, Ozzie, and embarked a new hobby. Ozzie was very athletic, and dog agility was something I had always wanted to try. So the lessons began, then the first competition took place. Because I was over-weight, my feet hurt, my knees hurt and I could hardly make it through a trial class without needing oxygen.

Ozzie did wonderfully, but I felt like Humpty Dumpty trying to make it around that course. Then I saw a video of myself and I was horrified! I kept thinking, “Is that really me?” I knew I had to do something.

the new well was somewhere in the back of my mind. I had been successful on the program before, and I remembered what it felt like to be thin.

It was time to start the journey back to a healthy lifestyle, and get back on the road to feeling better about myself. I needed to get my muscles working again like they were intended to.

My journey has just begun and already I am feeling better. I can run with my dog and my feet and knees are thanking me.

The girls at the new well are so encouraging, and it’s always fun to go and visit and exercise. The eating plan is so healthy and sensible. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet.

I’m looking forward to the wonderful feeling of being thin again. And most of all, I’m looking forward to years of dog agility with my little furry friends.

Thank you to everyone at the new well for getting me back on the right track!


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