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As the leaders in providing lasting weight loss through wellness, our program works because we’ve put the best of weight loss through wellness together to provide COMPLETE, healthy and lasting weight loss based on the 4 Pillars of Weight Loss; whole food nutrition, one-on-one counseling, effective exercise, and soothing relaxation that treats the whole body.

We guarantee an average weight loss of two to three pounds per week. Best of all, by following the new well program, you’ll keep it off for a lifetime.

whole food

whole food nutrition

Eighty percent of weight loss is simply learning to eat right. We don’t offer magic pills, powders, or pre-packaged meals. Here you’ll receive an individualized eating program and menus that meet your lifestyle needs with foods readily available at your grocery store.


one-on-one counseling

Accountability and support are your keys to success. You’ll meet with Certified Wellness Consultants throughout your program who are passionate about providing you with support and motivation in a friendly, comfortable environment.


easy, effective exercise

Our scientifically proven and uniquely effective 26-minute circuit not only gets you the results you want, it’s fun! You’ll see the difference in your muscle tone and body shape as you lose inches while increasing energy and stamina.


soothing relaxation

Stress adversely affects our eating choices and increases the likelihood of storing body fat around the middle. Weekly relaxation treatments in our Tranquility Room include a stress releasing, soothing chair massage to help you feel your best.

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The new well empowers men and women to be well. We invite you to discover the new well and get to know a new way to approach your weight loss goals. End the frustration and begin the path to a much better you. Contact one of our Centers, speak with a Certified Wellness Consultant and schedule your FREE* Body Composition Analysis.
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